Xtreme Bronc Riding

Xtreme Bronc Riding

Featured during each Elks Rodeo performance.

This event is proudly sponsored by Resistol, Cactus Saddlery, and Cactus Ropes.

Are you ready to go Xtreme?

Get ready for the most exciting event in Professional Rodeo- Xtreme Bronc Riding! This isn't the kind of rodeo event your grandfather told you about... these cowboys don't throw ropes or even use a chute to get on their bucking horses!

The Professional Cowboys of the XBR pride themselves on the fact that they compete against some of the toughest horses in rodeo- bucking horses that were raised specifically for rodeo competition. Just like their cowboy counterparts, horses become familiar with the event of Xtreme Bronc Riding. With each rodeo, these talented horses become even better competitors, giving rodeo fans an even more thrilling performance and posing a greater challenge to the XBR cowboys!

Xtreme Bronc Riding…

A tribute to one of the Three Original Rodeo Events!

Have you ever asked yourself, "What did cowboys do before they had chutes?"; well you might not be surprised to hear that back in the 1800's, when ranch hands were tasked with breaking and saddling many horses in a short amount of time, the task became a group, or "team," activity. Naturally, as with most rodeo events, this soon became a form of friendly competition between teams of cowboys wanting to see who could saddle and ride their horse the fastest.

The object of this Buckaroo Brilliance is simple—contain a 1200 pound unbroken bucking horse with nothing but a lead shank and halter. Bring him to a stop, control the animal’s actions, cinch down a saddle and buck him to the finish line. This must be preformed while other teams are trying to accomplish the identical task at the same time in the same arena and all in less than two minutes. Does the expression Wild Wild West come to mind?...

One hundred and twenty years ago rodeo consisted of various relay races, the pony express race, saddle bronc riding, steer roping and the wild horse race. In more recent years the name “wild horse race” has been replaced by Xtreme Bronc Riding. This title more accurately describes the event in that valuable ranch raised bucking horses, not wild mustangs, are utilized in this professional competition. The cowboys of Xtreme Bronc Riding not only practice their event, but also hold rodeo schools, and travel all across the United States in order to compete for the title of Xtreme Bronc Riding World Champion.

Over the past 100 years, the event of three-man bronc riding has been refined and the sport has evolved into more than just a tradition, but one of the most challenging and competitive events in Professional Rodeo. As with many sports, cowboys are always looking to up the ante... Just as the sport of Motor Cross introduced us to the "X-Games," television reality show competitions brought us "Xtreme Fear Factor," and even the PRCA has introduced Extreme Bulls, in 2012 a group of Professional Cowboys decided to take Rodeo to the next level with the introduction of Xtreme Bronc Riding.


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