Media Clown School

clownschool -1990s


What is it?

Media Clown school offers local media persons the opportunity to participate in an hour long class in Rodeo Clownin'. This one of a kind class helps educate the media to the sport of Rodeo, offers a fun and different way for media to get involved with a 75 year long tradition, and also gives great exposure to local media outlets!

Join Pro Rodeo bullfighter/Rodeo Clown Justin Rumsford, our professional bullfighter and barrel man, and your media cohorts as you learn the ins and outs of the Rodeo Clown profession. Upon completion of your degree in Rodeo Clowin', you will also be invited to be in clown face and clown garb in the arena during the Mutton Bustin’ Events every single night of the Rodeo if you so choose. We will have wireless headset mics to be able to talk to the arena crowds and entertain them just like a true Rodeo Clown.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!